Virus nothing to do with it? Indexes of the USA grow in the jerk Biden

the Results of Super Tuesday is clearly encouraged American investors. The victory of the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden in the primaries in 9 States of the 14 led to a massive increase in shares primarily in the health sector.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average the day before up 1 173,45 points, or 4.5%, to 27 090,86 points. The S & P 500 index jumped 4.2% to 3130,12, and the Nasdaq Composite rose 3.8% to 9 018,09. With the Dow showed the second largest increase in history. In addition, for the second time in three days average value of shares of 30 companies, the combined index increased by 1000 points and more.

After the rally on March 4, all three major index has gone beyond the zone of correction. While they are less than 10% below their 52-week highs. Nasdaq in 2020 had already added 0.5 percent.

Why is the nomination of Biden to the leaders of the presidential race brought such optimism to the markets? As noted by CNBC, the policy of his competitors Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren seem to have too progressive and even aggressive.

the jerk Biden during the Super Tuesday contributed to the growth of quotations in the health sector. In particular, this segment of the S&P up 5.8%, showing the best result of the day since 2008. Paper UnitedHealth and Centene surged by 10.7% and 15.6%, respectively. Shares of UnitedHealth had the biggest one-day gain since 2008.

of Course, the primaries is not the only driver of growth. The chart shows both the nominal and economic statistics. According to the Institute for supply management’s February services sector in the US has been growing faster than forecast. In addition ADP and Moody’s Analytics reported higher salaries in the private sector, exceeding expectations. Played a role and the decision of Congress to provide for the combating epidemic $8 billion.