The Beijing city government take urgent action to locate the new focus of the spread of the coronavirus detected in the market, “Signpad”. The health Committee of Beijing, called the situation “extremely complicated” and admit that the coming days will determine whether it will be possible to prevent active penetration of the pandemic in other regions. Meanwhile, the latest viral statistics shows that the coronavirus has already managed to break out of Beijing in the neighboring province, in connection with which a new General mobilization to fight COVID-19 following the capital forced to declare on the ground.Tuesday night was sleepless for the city authorities raised the alarm of an army of sanitation workers in Beijing. By the morning they managed to do a great job, as outlined by the Deputy of the city Department for the supervision of the markets Chen Aniki.”On the evening of 15 June, the authorities have started disinfection work was carried out all night. As a result, by 06:00 had disinfected more than 33 thousand public catering establishments”,— said the representative of the city authorities. According to him, the sanitary work was carried out on more than 270 agricultural markets of Beijing. A state of emergency in several districts of the capital city, where more than 21 million people, was launched last Sunday after the detection of the focus of the spread of the coronavirus in Beijing’s largest wholesale market of “Sinhale”. Then the leading epidemiologists suggested that authorities will be able to keep control of the situation and hold no new cases for nearly two months, the Chinese capital will become the second Wuhan city in Central Hubei province, where in December last year, was found “patient zero”. However, further developments showed that the original predictions may be too optimistic.It is the largest cluster COVID-19, resulting in the Chinese capital since February.Held on Sunday a meeting of the State Council Vice-Premier of China sun Chunlan called the risk of spread of the new outbreak was “very high” and called for decisive action to localize the infection.”We must take the most decisive, the maximum radical and stringent measures to combat the virus. At the moment this is the most important task that needs to be solved immediately,” confirmed on Tuesday the Deputy head of the propaganda Department of the party Committee of Beijing Xu Hejian. He also believes that the capital was “extremely serious epidemiological situation”. While the Beijing authorities urged to join the implementation of measures to eliminate outbreaks of coronavirus volunteers from the local community.In this regard, health workers and volunteers conduct inspections of the residents of the district of Fengtai, where is the market “��of inhale”, bypassing the house and looking for anyone who has been lately to visit the market or contact with the workers.Despite such large-scale measures, the latest data on statistics of infection with coronavirus in China indicate that the pandemic outbreak in Beijing has already spread to the neighboring province of Hubei, where on Monday there were three new cases of the disease, as well as Liaoning province, where there were two new cases of the disease. In this regard, authorities in several Chinese cities, including Harbin and Dalian, urged residents not to travel to Beijing, but if they recently visited the capital, to inform the authorities.Sergey Strokan