E-Sports and E-sports have really taken off. Top athletes are left at home also and play sports, but from ‘their side’. She quotes, basketten, racing against each other… online. And let us, this easter weekend with a lot of beautiful things to be expected. Football: #FootballsStayingHome Cup

a number of Uk football stars are taking it this easter weekend head to head in a FIFA 20 games. It is an initiative of the sixteen participants who will come from the national male and female team, and the Young of England. The so-called #FootballsStayingHome Cup is on today (Friday), we started off with, among others, Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Mason Mount (Chelsea), and Lucy Bronze (Olympique Lyon). Love the socialemediakanalen of the English football closely and you can see the contest live on their YouTube channel. It is hoped that many of our followers will be donating to the fight against feline corona virus.

you can also Read the Success of the Round on the reels, with the “E-town is a separate branch within the world of cycling”

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Basketball: NBA 2K, the Players Tournament

On the basketball court, the supersteren of the national basketball association (NBA right now, not with their spectacular dunks show, but online. The Game developer, 2K didn’t want to lend a hand to help, and the sports channel ESPN and saw it sitting there. Sixteen of the well-known NBA players, including Kevin Durant and Trae the Young, the names of the last couple of days on the basketbalgame national basketball association (NBA 2K20, in the meantime, we have reached the semi-finals and the final. In the night from Saturday to Sunday from 02: 00 live ESPN 2. The grand prize is $ 100,000, which is fully donated to a charity of choice.

here are a few of the Red Devils to be very active. As played, Thibaut Courtois and Romelu Lukaku last weekend against each other.

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Formula 1: #racefortheworld

Perhaps one of the most popular these days is online, against each other and win the race. Previously, the grand prix of Bahrain online, driven by Stoffel Vandoorne, and Thibaut Courtois is on the grid. That last one you showed is very well to be able to using the on-screen steering wheel and get in the next couple of days, in the virtual championship, ‘#racefortheworld’. Therein, the take up of 19 drivers against each other in order to raise money for the aid funds towards the corona virus. And Courtois has been in fine company.

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6 Formula 1 drivers , Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, Antonio Giovinazzi, George Russell Lando Norris and James Russell)

6 option 2-riders: (Guliano Alesi, Sean Gelael, Louis Deletraz, Callum Ilott, Christian Lundgaard and Antonio Fuoco).

1 in the Formula E driver Antonio Felix da Costa).

And Nick Cassidy (Super Formula), and Arthur Leclerc (the younger brother of Charles, was learning to deal with Regional, Europe, and Luca Albon (brother, Alex), Pietro Fittipaldi (Asian F3) and Luca Salvadori (Motorbike).

The only strange duck in the bite, and not a racer, so is Courtois. In three of the races (11th, 14th and 17th of april) from each of the two contests, he is against all that is racegeweld. Tonight, at 19h, the first round of the on-screen title. Courtois, like many other riders, is streaming its races live on the online streamplatform Twitch.