The Musée d’orsay, Paris

Who should look at like to go to exhibitions and attract the public’s attention like tables, paintings, online, the Musée d’orsay in Paris. Without the need of a foot in front of the door, can classics, sculpture, architecture, photography, and much, much more to be admired.

the MoMA in New York

For lovers of contemporary art, the Museum of Modern introduces Art in New York in his “Take five”series, each with five modern works of art to a certain topic. Thus, in the case of each series, an approximately half-hour insight into the exhibitions of the world-famous MoMAs.

Rolling Stone magazine-concerts

Also on concerts must not be omitted. On the Instagram Account of Rolling Stone magazine, well-known singers and musicians are held under the title “In my room” small concerts, which they perform from home Songs.

the view TV

Also, LOOK to the Stars will bring you home. For entertainment, the pop star Luca Hänni (25), shock, Princess Linda Fäh (32), the hard rockers of Shakra, comedian René Rindlisbacher (56), and many more – all of them are spread every evening from 20 clock, with its Stars ‘ @Home-performances to view TV from home in a good mood in the next few days. On weekend view TV transmits the large 24-hour Live-box with Gotthard, Seven (42), Marc Sway (40), Heidi Happy, and Nik Hartmann (47) from the empty stadium of Zurich.

Online cities-Trip to the Vatican,

Virtually you can visit the Vatican in Rome. There a expect, among other things, the Sistine chapel and several museums full of historical works of art.

Theater of the Schaubühne

Virtually you can admire the Highlights of the schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin from different decades. The theatre presented on the Internet under the title “Obsessions” every day from 18.30.

Shakespeare-poetry recited by Sir Patrick Stewart

Each evening, Sir Patrick Stewart, the actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, a sonnet by William Shakespeare on his Instagram channel carries.

Disney tours

Disneyland and Disney World are currently closed for at least a month. However, you can go for a virtual Tour, and, for example, the Eisprinzessinen “Frozen Ever After Ride” or “Peter Pan’s Flying Ride” experience, which were filmed by guests. Although it is not the typical amusement Park experience, but it is still the hearts of Disney Fans of all ages.

cinema movies at home

The Swiss streaming portal shows movies of the last few years. You paid a small amount to support Swiss cinemas, which must remain during the corona of a crisis closed.

the Zurich Zoo Webcams

About Webcams can be observed in the Zurich Zoo live animals. Thus, for example, insight into the elephant Park, or in the everyday life of the penguins or tigers. As in the case of a real zoo, the animals always, a little patience is required here.

Virtual Club visits in Berlin

Under the United We Stream have done the Berlin Clubs, the transferred every day between the ages of 19 and 24 live from different Venues, concerts and Dj Sets, and great support. So Clubs and artists should get, in spite of the closed doors and continued attention, and it can be donated.

Comedy-live stream of Oliver Polak

The Comedian Oliver Polak invites you on Instagram-live stream of the Corona Comedy Club. Saturday evening from 19 o’clock, he can entertain and his live live audience guests, the Online. Laughter is known to be healthy and to make the crisis time all the more bearable.

book-tips for the Corona time

If the increased time at home due to the Coronavirus to boredom, is one of the easiest ways for entertainment, reading a book. Thus, the reading material does not run out, has presented the editor of the Blick group some of your favorite books.

Creative ideas for the home

people of all ages to just stay as far as possible in their own four walls. Who would like to take the time at home useful and learn something New, find Inspiration for art projects. So the creativity is given room and the hours just fly by.

These 10 foods for a good mood

Trouble in the family? Stress in the profession? You eat simply happy with the “Mood-Food”. Behind this new a magic formula is the realization that food is not only saturated, but also as a Comforter can serve is.