1B-of club Excelsior Virton has announced on Thursday to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS) in order to get the declaration of invalidity of several terms of the Belgian football association (belgian football association) to ask questions. According to the Belgian-Luxembourgish, the competition law is violated.

now, Virton, demanding that the deadline of 15 april for the purchase of a license, the further back it is pushed. Further, that the objective will be for all the clubs no matter what their reputation may be used.

the Lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont, who, along with Martin Hissel to the rights of Virton advocates, complain that the current rules in order to have a license to have the “economic freedom of the clubs to damage”. “These rules are only permissible if they are necessary and proportionate to ensure the sporting and social development of the league, and if they are strictly consistent, objective and non-discriminatory to be applied,” said Dupont, who is self awareness-raising of the Bosman ruling.

Excelsior Virton, which last year completed a phd at the Proximus League, finished the regular season first and second time period are added together first. OH Leuven and Beerschot were periodewinnaars, however, it is promotieduel.

for More on R. E. Virton SJOTCAST. Looking for a distraction? Sjotcast, and its well-known guests, will give you an hour of tips! MULTILIVE. You can follow the end of the second period of time at 1B, Again, a plottwist in the Virton – Beerschot: the game is still not BASS-profile annulment:Virton-Beerschot have herspeeld, but Westerlo and Virton in reference