The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the most impressive and most exhilarating experiences – at least in retrospect, if labor and the birth process are forgotten. But for many women, the memory remains painful and unpleasant feelings. Namely, if the birth was quite different, as it was presented to the expectant mother, if the events came thick and fast and the woman had the feeling of not having more say in the matter.

"I didn’t give birth to my child – it was ripped out"

"I came up with the bubbles leap to the hospital and was glad to have it finally soon done. Since my cervix was not opening easily, I got a PDA. The worked wonders and I soon got press labor, for nine hours", describes a young mother’s experience.

"I was getting weaker and all of a sudden hustle and bustle in the delivery room. Many Doctors came, it cut was handled, with the suction bell, two of the midwives pressed on my belly…. and then… she was there. My Wish For A Child. I was relieved, but I felt how strong I am hurt. I was stitched up for an hour, the young doctor trembled so that the doctor took over at some point. I felt just miserable. Apart from my severe vaginal injury, I could feel no joy about my child. Because I haven’t born – it was ripped out of me and pressed." So, you can prevent a Trauma For a self-determined birth can learn about women in the childbirth preparation methods, such as birth, self-determined and in their power to stay. Gymnastics, Yoga or Hypnobirthing that Duchess Kate has given birth.Deal in advance with possible scenarios and to think about how you can respond. This can help that the woman is not robbed of the events, perhaps, but not a guarantee.Ask your midwife. You can explain the physical relationships and convey how the mother herself can be active your body during the birth. An accompanying midwife knows you and can provide a calming effect on you.Clinic, birthing house or the home? Every place has its own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh carefully what you choose. You can’t push, because for every woman a different choice may be the right thing to do. The approaches can be very different: the hospital, the cesarean rate cut is very low? It is the pain relief natural methods such as acupuncture and homeopathy epidural anesthesia (PDA; local anesthetic by injection into the spinal cord)?How are the rooms? You mean that you feel comfortable in? For example, there is a CD Player for music or the ability to dim the light?The WHO and UNICEF awarded since 1992, the certificate of "baby-friendly hospital". As a baby-friendly excellent clinics you will find here.

The experiences are negative, the larger the hospital is

The Situation in the hospitals of the "Picker Report in 2017" on the reason for the over 9,000 mothers were interviewed. The conclusion: "The experiences in the delivery room and the Maternity ward are, the more negative, the greater the clinic."

Manageable, familiar, and intimate, hospitals are only rarely. Since 1991, the number of delivery rooms in Germany fell by 40 percent. According to the study, nine percent of the mothers who had given birth at a clinic with more than 2000 births per year languages, of a mediocre or poor experience in the delivery room; hospitals with less than 1000 births per year, this deeds of only five percent.

A birth is always a huge event. Some women are traumatized after that. "you may pathologisieren but nothing but have to look carefully," says Wolf Lütje, President of the German society for Psychosomatic gynaecology.

According to a study, 80 percent of all the mothers, almost shortly after the birth that they had experienced these traumatic, explained the chief doctor of the gynecology in the Evangelical Amalie Sieveking hospital in Hamburg. However, this does not automatically mean that you are also traumatized.

The women often feel guilty

For many, the reminder, let gradually, but some women show the typical symptoms of a trauma. The experience seems to be even months later, to still be very close. There are gaps in memory, you can’t sleep, the relationship to the child and sometimes to the Partner suffers. "women often feel guilty and wonder what you did wrong", explains the psychotherapist Maria Zemp from Euskirchen. "they show a normal response to abnormal Events."

may have a Negative effect a lack of staff in the clinics. Thus, time pressure, and the pressure on the bearing increases. The risk that the woman will not be involved in decisions during the birth. "this participation is a very important point for the women," says laquisha. Birth trauma and how to process

The leaves can be put behind the Trauma

loss of control because of the birth, however, the woman is control of her body to a midwife, Doctors and your Baby. This can trigger a feeling of helplessness.Degradation: to give Themselves totally to the nakedness, physically and mentally inadequate care unexpected twist (emergency C-section)injury to the bodily integrity, fear of the Baby stillbirth

Here you can get help

Sometimes, it helps if the women with the doctor or the midwife, the birth debrief. You can get facts about the traumatic experienced event and say what you did not fit.Self-help groups and initiatives such as shadows and light or the Initiative for a just birth help can assist you in a crisis around the topic of birth, with Contact persons and focal points.25. November is the global day against violence will take place in obstetrics. Then women place a pink Rose in front of the Kreißsaaltür, you had the feeling that something went wrong.

Powerless, because the head of the mothers across the

is decided by The Zemp confirmed. Very bad it is, if something is against the will of the wife, violent taken, or is threatened, she says. Women could get into the fear of death, when the belly is pressed, she can hardly breathe. Also a low set episiotomy or Manipulate the mother’s mouth could be experienced as violent. "of Course, this birth must be made techniques sometimes, but nothing may be over the head of the woman decided."

As it is, if the parturient has no influence on the Procedure in the clinic, describes a mother in the WDR. In the case of your Emperor, it was decided to cut. "I had the feeling that I’m not even really non-existent for the people. I am now only the caesarean section, the need to quickly pass." she lacked the education about what happened. She had pain at the time of SURGERY, and was warned by the doctor not to do so. So what and why is happening, learned the young woman. Violence of the birth is in their eyes not the physical pain, but the lack of empathy and the rawness with which she was treated. Not to be heard and even to be ridiculed. PDF The healthy woman

Our PDF guidebook showing specifically for women on how to stay healthy and fit. Including instructions on how to breast cancer self check.

PDF guide

"Would you tell me this before, but just"

the midwife, Ann-Kathrin land society, a midwife in Dortmund, which is the issue investigated is confirmed. Often there is a lack of communication. "In the case of a woman an episiotomy was done, without telling it to her. This was a tremendous breach of that happened. You said: 'Would you tell me first.'"

How can the Dignity in extreme situations? "When I mitschiebe the belly from the top, then I always ask first for permission. I explain to the woman, tell her that this is awkward and that you can at any time say stop," explains Uwe Heindrichs, chief physician of maternity hospital of Stolberg in the WDR. If a woman does, nonetheless, in their borders violated? Then, it is important that actions to adopt. Sometimes an apology is enough. Therefore, the physician: &quot advises;All births would have to be nachbesprochen. It must be active to be in demand. This is the only consequence."

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