Violators of fire safety will pay more than a billion rubles of fines

the relevant departments of the Ministry of emergency situations confirmed to the correspondent “RG” the value of this amount. In addition, our sources have indicated that this amount is far from the record, and even low, if, for example, to compare data on penalties in 2012. Then their sum amounted to nearly five billion rubles. But later, when he joined the new rules of inspection of business entities, this number dropped to 700-800 million. MOE for the last five years, three times reduced the number of inspections. Checks have also been released 730 thousand objects low risk category, representing more than 30 percent of the total. Therefore, the amount of fines has been reduced so drastically. For example, last year, the fines also did not exceed one billion.

MOE Soldiers will undergo medical and psychological rehabilitation

But it is only those administrative penalties that were imposed by inspectors during inspections. This amount does not include those penalties that have been assigned by the courts for repeated violations of fire safety requirements. And another few hundred million.

Also in the MOE reported that across the country remain closed 74 shopping center. During earlier inspections, there were revealed serious violations, the decisions of the courts and their activities were suspended until elimination of the violation. And, apparently, the violations were so serious that the owners can’t solve all problems, and therefore does not resume the activities of the stores. In the MOE stressed that the implementation of the owners requirements for fire safety are under control of the Supervisory authorities.

nevertheless, this tiny part of the total number of those objects where were previously found violations. It is known that after a fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry” on behalf of the government of the Ministry of emergency situations jointly with the Prosecutor’s office conducted an unscheduled inspection 86 thousand objects with mass stay of people, including more than 11 thousand shopping centers. 28 thousands of objects checked was it was revealedus gross violations of fire safety.