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If the cabin di is checked or not in the week of easter, and is entirely dependent on what municipality you have a cabin in.

In Vinje found appointed interim mayor Jon Richard Kleven out that it was a good idea to stretch out a hand to hyttefolket his.

Especially because he has gone so far as to threaten to shut down the cottage if it came people there.

– It is kjedeleg about we first go in the forefront of hytteforbodet, so to experience that hytteeigarane is city when places their stands empty, ” says Kleven.

security company: Vinjeordførar Jon Richard Kleven think they get much back for to pay for a security company checks the cabins in easter.

Photo: Stian Wåsjø Simonsen / NRK

A private security company is already in time with tilsynsjobben.

They drive around in all hyttefelta our whole day. We had to give something back when we canceled the week of easter.

mayor t. søviknes estimates that vakthaldet will cost the municipality at least 300,000, respectively.

Get the help of the police

In Norway’s largest hyttekommune, Ringsaker, have they got a completely another strategy.

We have four major grunneigarar who have their own people in the mountains all the time. The municipality is often not with own supervision, ” says appointed interim mayor Anita Ihle Steen.

– Is it a good enough offer to hyttefolket, then?

– Yes, I think so. We had a good meeting about this, and the cops will also drive around and fit in.

Too expensive

In the kystkommunane Kragerø, Bamble and færder formally ask them not up with some added service to the hyttefolket.

We have in excess of 3500 cabins scattered around in archipelagoes, so supervision by, all these would have been expensive for us, ” says appointed interim mayor in Kragerø, Grunde Knudsen.

in return, there is more police on the water this easter, and taxibåtnæringa follows also, ” explains Knudsen.

SPREAD: IN kystkommunen Sunday, counted them with that hytteeigarane themselves get anyone to check the hut stands empty in the week of easter.

Photo: Sindre Skrede / NRK – See what municipalities who cares

Norges Hytteforbund says they understand that many are easier said than done fritidsbustadene their these days.

Specifically those who have cabins which is for himself, and not in the large hyttefelta.

– It is nice to hear that any offer supervision. And looking a what municipalities really care most about hytteeigarane their victory styreleiar Trond Gulleik the Garden.

Associated states hytteeigarar to go on a day trip to the cabin, if one can, and help each other if one knows the other cabin in the same area.

the Cabins are empty the rest of the year too. The difference now is that absolutely everyone is empty, and that all know about it, put the Garden to.

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