Vilfand told the Russians to forget the word

According to him, in connection with climate change there is no possibility of expanding the area of land suitable for agriculture. “The word “virgin”, which most of you here familiar with the youth and professional activities, should be forgotten”, – quotes the words of climatologist Agency “RIA Novosti”.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti the meteorologist promised Muscovites early spring

But at the same time, said Vilfand, it is possible to improve the yield of existing farmland. Today they occupy 22% of the territory of Russia. In countries with comparable climatic conditions agriculture is 13-15% of the territory.

Earlier Roman Vilfand explained “the Russian newspaper” that each of the following five years will be warmer than the previous one. And each decade will be warmer than the past. It’s a consequence of climate warming, said the forecaster. He adds that the predictability of climate forecasts (for several years) is higher than for a year or six months.