“The war between the North and the South”: Russia is expected to anomalous temperature during the week. In the South of the country will soon be colder than normal, while in the North, on the contrary, hotter.

Another week, Russia is expected to anomalous for a number of territories the climatic situation. According to forecasts made by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand, soon in the North of the country the temperature would significantly exceed the normal values, and in the South, however, will be below normal.

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So, in the North of Yakutia the thermometer will rise to a level at 12-16 degrees deviating from the norm in the direction of warming. Similar patterns are observed as in the Asian and European part of the country.

“In the North warmer than the South,” – said Vilfand RIA Novosti.

On the territory of Moscow is projected to be 20 degrees, while at the same time, in the East of Arkhangelsk, the Komi Republic will be 26 degrees. The forecaster noted that these values are unusual and caused by various reasons in the European and Asian part of Russia.

Weather anomalies in the next week threaten to increase the risk of fires in the Northern territories of European Russia, the southern Urals and in Yakutia.

The specialist added that the residents of Moscow in the first half of next week can expect to increase temperature to 25-28 degrees Celsius.