the hottest period of the year occurs on the territory of continental Russia. This period, according to the history of weather observation, the turn of July-August, reported by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

As one of the most popular meteorologists in the country, to July 20, is warming not only the air, but even the lower soil layers. “And then there is the transmission of solar energy in the outer layers of the atmosphere”, – he said. According to Vilfand, the warmest period of the year occurs everywhere – in both the European and the Asian part of Russia. However, for coastal towns, no matter Vladivostok, Sochi and Anapa, the warmest month is August, when the sea gives up very little energy from the sun and the layer that must warm up in the sea, and more. And in the capital region this year on the contrary at the turn of July and August will start cold, so warm this period of time it is difficult to say: the air has cooled in the afternoon to +20, at night about +14 and rain will continue.