As it became known””, the world’s most powerful diesel-electric icebreaker “Viktor Chernomyrdin” will be handed over not later than 1 November. The relevant date will be specified in the order of the government. Kommersant’s sources say that it delivered “with reserve” and the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and “Rosmorport” expect the transfer of the vessel in September. According to “Kommersant”, the ship, though built for the Northern sea route, will be operated on the Baltic sea. Experts say that there and “Viktor Chernomyrdin” will be in demand, especially in terms of possible adjustments of programs for new Navy port icebreakers.According to “Kommersant”, the decree on the postponement of the date of the icebreaker “Viktor Chernomyrdin” 25 MW (LK-25), which is being built in the shipyards of the United shipbuilding Corporation, appeared the exact date of delivery. We are talking about November 1, said the source “Kommersant”, adding that the exact date insisted the Federal anti-monopoly service during the approval of the document. Service on request “b” did not answer. Thus interlocutors “” are assured that this date is supplied “with plenty” and do not exclude that the vessel will be delivered in September.The contract for the construction of LK-25 of 7.94 billion rubles was signed in 2011. Originally the ship was to be commissioned in late 2015, but for various reasons the deadline was repeatedly postponed. In the end, when USC was ready to transfer to the icebreaker at the end of 2019, it turned out that you need to make changes in the state program and then to coordinate the government decree on postponement (see “Kommersant” on 25 December 2019). Otherwise, the “Rosmorport” put the USC penalties and a penny, which by the end of 2019, according to “Kommersant”, was close to 2 billion RUB. RSC has repeatedly talked about the intention to go to court. But in the end, as wrote “Kommersant”, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry has proposed a compromise: the Ministry will allocate for LK-25 to 1 billion rubles, 1.5 billion rubles will give the USC (see “Kommersant” on 28 April).Now, according to Kommersant’s sources familiar with the situation, is preparing a separate government decree on the postponement of the construction, as well as changes to the budget. It is assumed that the transport Ministry will spread the program of the Ministry of industry 1 billion rubles in turn, the Ministry will pay USC a subsidy of 2 billion rubles. And the most important thing now is to extend the deadline, the money can be transferred after the date of the icebreaker, it is possible that in 2021, add interlocutors.The tests will be conducted subsequently, and, according to Kommersant’s sources, if they revealed any defects, they will fix the shipyard’s warranty.At USC, “Kommersant” reported that the vessel will be delivered as soon as a corresponding order, “I hope that this will happen in late summer — early autumn”. To conduct ice trials need ice to determine��time-characteristics that come in in April–may, reminded the Corporation.In the “Rosmorport”, “Kommersant” reported that, according to their information received from the contractor (USC) and confirmed by the Ministry of industry and trade, the documents are ready and on 7 August sent to the government of the Russian Federation. The transfer of LK-25 possible before 1 November, I believe in the “Rosmorport”, stating that they expect this in September. Also they point out that the conduct of the ice test is not excluded from the contract, it is scheduled and will be held in the agreed upon timeframe during the establishment of the Kara sea ice of the necessary thickness and strength. In case of failure of a given icebreaking capability during ice testing conditions of the contract penalties to the Prime contractor, and if necessary, eliminating possible breakdowns will be subject to the terms of the contract for the warranty period on the ship with the provision under the Bank guarantee, concluded in the “Rosmorport”.Interlocutors “” say that now icebreaker plan to operate in the Baltic. We also considered the future use it for expedition (see “Kommersant” on November 1, 2019).Just part of a comprehensive plan backbone infrastructure in terms of upgrading the fleet by 2024 “Rosmorport” is to build nine icebreakers worth RUB 52.5 billion (33 billion rubles from the budget). In may in an interview with TASS, the head of Rosmorrechflot Alexander Polivy noted that the cost of ships due to the weakening of the ruble may rise by 25%. In particular, the “Rosmorport” was not able to hold a competition for the second icebreaker with a capacity of 18 MW (see “Kommersant-SPb” from April 2).The head of Infoline-Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov believes that the plan to build nine icebreakers to 2024 will not be fully implemented. The program requires rethinking and adjusted as the actual needs of the owners, and the rising cost of the icebreakers, which will continue in connection with the inflation processes in the economy and the weakening of the ruble, the expert said. Despite the fact that during construction the planned location has changed, BOS-25 will be in demand, he concludes.Anastasia Vedeneeva