Donald Trump (73) and the US media – it is a escalating relationship.

Bad it is for years: Trump is titled for him, the negative news as “Fake News”, critical journalists as “enemies of the people”. And the US President is known for his appearances on the media and you ready makes. In front of all his followers. With all of his followers.

But now the waves go even higher. With the initiation of the Impeachment process the Democrats, Trump is more nervous and more prone to critical reporting than ever before. Although his “Fake News”-Call in probably 99 cases out of 100 as a “Fake News” and the free press in America enormous harm, they contribute to the necessary discussion: How independent is the American media yet? The last days of sobering answers brought to light. And a real Fake News release was also made public.

The scandal-week of the American press, summarised in three points:

A Whistleblower scandal rocked the left-liberal TV station. Cary Poarch, who works as a technician for two years at CNN, has collected evidence to prove the bias of the transmitter with respect to Trump. To do this he took up, among other things, CNN President Jeff Zucker during a morning session. The audio recordings show how sugar wanted to focus on this day is mandatory on the Impeachment proceedings against Trump place. Also complained of other employees in Poarch, that they were tired of every day about the President “writing”.

Shep Smith (55) has placed his work at the conservative station low. His departure, the American media world shocked. Smith had over 22 years of his own show on Fox News and was seen as the last remaining independent voice of the transmitter. He welded the part of the loss themselves, that is, to Trump Propaganda-style reporting, and was always the critical issues. But Shep Smith was not able to. He should have asked in September, the Management of Fox News to a resolution of its long-term contract. This is because he could not stand under the light of the one-sided Pro-Trump-reporting is no longer journalism behind his employer.

The Trump’s slyly war in Northern Syria, employed this week by ABC News. On Monday, the station showed a Video, the show would have the viewers shootings at the border of Turkey. However, as an attentive Twitter noticed users had the shooting suspect, was similar to a military gun show in the state of Kentucky from the year 2017. And it’s a fact ABC News acknowledged the error and apologized for the “Fake News”.