It’s that time again: On Sunday, Hollywood dressing up. Red carpet, Walk of Fame: The Academy awards.

I, Too, make me chic, and will be, when the best films of last year. VIEW reports live from Sunday afternoon, Swiss time, of the 91. Academy Awards. But until then, wars a long way.

First of all, you must seek in autumn for accreditation. This process is, as in the case of major events as usual, lengthy and complicated. Forms about forms. At an Event like the Oscars a lot more in the media want to end than it has places.

Eventually, they brought the paper war; the great Wait begins. I’m lucky: at the end of January an E-Mail from the Academy – we are here for the Interview – and the press-room approved. Again, forms to fill out. A further identity check. Now the Stress starts!

E-Mail Terror from Hollywood

Where I stand, where I stand or how long I’m in a particular place are allowed to stay: Everything is clocked at the Oscars exactly. Since February, I have received 26 messages from the organizers. E-Mail Terror from Hollywood! For example, I may be with my access to 13 at the red carpet but not make Videos longer than three minutes.

in The afternoon with hundreds of colleagues in the Interview room. There, the winners will be stopping by with her Oscar and some of the questions to answer. Photos and Videos are not allowed here. Mans tries nonetheless, it is moved in the Smartphone and it is in front of the door. Like in school!

Different hell at the Golden Globes to and fro. These are the classes or gym hours in Hollywood: Less rules, relaxed.

so it’s No wonder the Oscars are for the long-established journalists are more duty than pleasure. A colleague who’s been working with for years, would prefer to go. The be disturbed there, he said on the phone, when I asked him for tips.

of Course, it is important to respect the rules of the game. In front of the door, I was in my school time is already enough. Therefore, I will me the printed E-Mails and documents (62 pages!) again, read carefully. Thus, each step sits. And I think that with the Smartphone, not a second too long on it.

Here they are on Sunday. Hopefully our live Ticker for this lasts until the end – otherwise, you know where I stand.

The award gala at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, the entire film world looks forward to each year. But why is the Oscar called at all? Who has the most? Those who rejected him? And how much the event cost?

On the 25. February will be awarded the Oscars. The preparation phase of the Stars for this night, but it takes a bit longer. Because simple nails, not enough painting or dress shopping, for the most important award ceremony.