Song number 10 Jasmine Rose with the song ‘Human’ was predicted to win the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. She was voted ahead among the last three finalists, and then walked the viewers in shock.

B. T. has the whole evening running a liveblog from the great grandprix show in the Royal Arena, and when the hosts paul rudd and Hella Joof announced that the three finalists are Sander Sanches, Ben & Tan and Emil, exploded livebloggen in frustrated reading the comments.

“Thank you for tonight. The worst shit I have seen,” wrote a user by the name of ‘the Cape’.

“What happens just for the fact that song number ten is not on?,” continued a ‘Tulle’.

“It is simply something that does not fit. Where is song 10. It may be a big mistake,” continued a third.

And so went the comments. Some believe that DR’s app does not work.

“You could not vote. What happened? Where is number 10?,” sounded a comment.

“How can people not see that song number 10 ‘Human’ would have big chances to Eurovision?”