The worst of part of the population is everything else than satisfied with the DR’s version of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

On the DR1’s Facebook page is the viewers namely in the queue to scold. They think the sound is too bad.

About that really should be fired a soundman, or brokhovederne just need høreapperat is not to know, but so:

For example, writing a Mille Carrickfergus Khan:

“Is it only me, who cannot hear a honk of what is sung?”

Birgit Larsen writes:

“Is it us suddenly is deaf, we could not hear what the Isam (B, red.) song, sin for him.”

She follows her question up with a crying emoji.

A Kenneth Madsen writes that DR once again fails the ‘total sound’.

“You can almost not hear what they sing,” he writes added a red and an angry emoji.

Claus Bo Andersen points out that, even we are in the year 2020. So ought to you have to control the sound, he thinks.

Andrés Tapia knows that the DR has equipment that is ‘milliondyrt’ and wonder why there is not a track on it.

“Get hired pro (Professional ed.) people to the task…Embarrassing,” he writes.

the List of acidic comments continues.

You can follow B. T. s Melodi Grand Prix liveblog HERE.