Bad münstereifel, a small town not far from Cologne: Here, in an idyllic location high above the village there is a Kurhaus, the might actually go through as a Museum. Because Here, Heinz Georg Kramm, better known as Heino (80), lives with his wife Hannelore (76). In Heino’s Café in the ground floor Golden sound-hang boards, pictures of memories and awards. Here Sunday, turning the German music legend for an Interview. Suitable with a piece of the traitor, but the hazelnut cake.

no, I leave that to others. The training was rather a means to an end. My mother said to me: “Heino, if you want to study singing, you have to make first a proper education, to Finance to you the music of life!” A particularly good pastry chef, I never was.

My father fell in the Second world war, we lived in part, to a family of nine with my grandmother in a three-room apartment of sixty square meters. My mother went early in the morning to work, to my sister and me. We moved on, so to speak. But: I still had a nice Childhood, I don’t want to miss the time.

I realized early on that what people want to hear. When I started with the music, heard it on the Radio only to English music. It was the heyday of the Beat. The Beatles, by the way, in the same record company as I, were the high-flyers. Therefore, I relied on German folk songs as a counterpoint.

I was ridiculed and insulted. As I grew as a blond man with blue eyes German shepherd dogs and folk songs sang, I was pushed by many in the right corner and as a Nazi titled. I was never on their side, and I never will be. Such criticism left me cold, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am.

I had no other choice. When I see what is doing this party with our country, I can not sit idly by. Because it makes me sick.

the cult . How to keep your hair well with 80 years of so blonde?
This is a hair piece and I put since the sixties. I’m always open handle that. There are many colleagues in a Stress came because they wanted to prevent that someone is your hairstyle secret. Other people my age have a false hip, or a false joint, I have the wrong hair.

The glasses I never use. It can even happen that I go, if I drank a glass of wine too much, with the glasses to bed. And why should I not want people to recognize me? This is beautiful!

If me would not appeal to the people, I would be sad. My Fans have given me what I have today. I’ve still never beat an autograph or photo request. And: Today want to take Selfies even young people with me, there used to be autographs for their grandmothers.

about 40 years. I had to get used to at first because in the case of a Heino concert not all of the seats. My first Rock gig in the Big freedom in Hamburg, I was totally perplexed, when suddenly a bra and panties on the stage flew and the people of the stage to the audience. Stage diving – as in the case of a real rock concert!

This Time, it is well thought out. At the first retreat, my wife Hannelore had a heart attack. Since I wanted to be there for them and care for them. But I started to go to her home on the nerves. As she said: “Go back to the stage!”

invert go your Hannelore is no longer on the nerves?
at the Time, I was nervous and not used to sitting at home to. Now it is a conscious decision: I am 80, healthy and fit and would also like to do other things, than to stand on the stage. And just because I give my farewell tour, doesn’t mean that I’m doing now, nothing more. And I want to give concerts and TV appearance. And my grandson Sebastian’s help to break into the music business.

Of the many beautiful days with my Hannelore in Bad Münstereifel. Here I want to live to the end.

According to a survey, Heino know, born on 13. December 1938 in Düsseldorf (D), 98 percent of the Germans. He started with folk songs such as “Blue gentian” and “Rosamunde bloom” a name, but its first No. 1 ranking he reached in 2013, when he surprised his Fans with the transition into the Rock Genre. Privately, he has been married for 40 years with his third wife Hannelore. In two weeks, Heino goes on a farewell tour, on 14. March 2019 he is for the time being, for the last Time in the people’s house in Zurich.