There are coaches who let their players decide who should be Captain. And there are guys like Marcel Koller. Explain the choice to the chef thing! to give

Instead of the previous Vice-Captain Fabian Frei, the binder degrades the coach and his midfielder and Valentin instead Stocker to his extended Arm on the court.

It is a slap in the face for Free has never made a secret of the fact that he would like to lead FC Basel as a Captain on the field. And it is a power demonstration of the Koller.

The has not forget that Paul was Free in December, one of the ringleaders in the game uprising and behind the back of the Coach, to the President complained. Now receipt get Free. For Koller, it would have been Easy to make Free to the position of Vice-Captain behind the Stocker to get some rest in. But he wanted to put a sign.

even as a coach of the Austrian national team Koller has shown that he can grab. As the former HSV defender Paul Scharner claimed the public a regular place, shaved Koller him without batting an eyelash.

something Similar will happen now to those players, not tracks.