In a world-record Tunnel deep under the Gotthard apply special safety precautions. The SBB are in the case of Overcrowding, strictly and routinely sending passengers without a seat from the train.

If you cross, remains of the train. Brazenly? Absolutely right! Safety is more important than a punctual start of the holidays.

in Addition, the SBB design, this necessity for the passengers as comfortable as possible: high-frequency weekends you put in additional trains. Those who need to get off anyway, water bottles, or discount vouchers.


Nevertheless, you are annoyed, to have a place reserved. But as you should also know that this is on this route necessary? You’ve sent a press Communiqué, writes of the SBB-spokesman.

That will never be enough. The Swiss passengers, unlike the Germans, the necessity of a Reservation not be aware of. While Deutsche Bahn is to purchase the ticket on the meaning of a Reservation does not do the SBB. Neither the mobile App nor on the website nor on the machine. It would be easy to fix – with a lot of will even in the two weeks prior to the on-ramp.

ten years Ago, the SBB introduced its digital platforms a usage indicator: all three Are Male, the display of red, threatens to crush. They are grey hats and many free seats. SBB is recommended in case of high occupancy of a seat reservation for five francs. This one has at least a seat to secure. If the train is ultimately through the Gotthard, depends, however, on whether those without a seat to get off course when you need them. Free tip: At the switch, you can book a seat in the dining car, and the Five-franc Reservation fee to the consumption credit. This special Reservation only on the switch, the normal is also available via the mobile App (on on the machine or via the Hotline on 0848 44 66 88 possible. Who wants to take a bike, you must for the journey through the Gotthard between 21. March and 31. October reservations are optional for five francs a place to put it.