a VIEW is 60 and you can strap him now around the wrist. Together with Swatch, we are launching this week an exclusive anniversary watch, you can design personally.

So it goes: as of today, the watch is a week to view.ch/swatchxyou available. With the Online Configurator can be selected from a Poster of about 80 VIEWS,-headlines, and symbols of the past 60 years with an individual dial and bracelet. Each watch is therefore unique and is manufactured in the factories of Swatch. It costs 125 Swiss francs.

cooperation is based on mutual interest,

Christian Dorer, chief editor of the Blick group, says: “The VIEW is since its inception, close to the people. With the watch “Swatch X VIEW” can now carry each a piece of Swiss newspaper history on the wrist.”

A coincidence, the cooperation is not. VIEW and Swatch are one of the strongest brands in Switzerland. And VIEW has accompanied the Biel-based watch group and its founder Nicolas G. Hayek, is always on every step of the way. The interest was and is mutual. Swatch got this year already have some requests from companies for the production of such personalized watches. Often the group has to be cancelled – but not in VIEW.