The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cup is a tournament of the view Esports Masters. In a total of 4 Events, the participants in the popular Ego-Shooter game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO) will fight to the qualification for the Grand final and a total prize money of 10’000 Swiss francs. The qualifications were held in four sections. For the finals the qualifying Teams were invited to Switzerland to the big Offline Showdown in Biberist.

game mode

a “Best of 3”, that is, who decides 2 Matches for wins it is Played. Each Match is played on a different map, and is discharged as a “Best-of-30”. Who can decide, first to 16 rounds wins the Match.

The Teams “Team Prismatic” (DE) and “epikk esports” (CH) start in the first Match of the semi-finals and “epikk esports” will decide both Matches for. Match number one ends rather scarce with a 16:14, in Match number two it is a 16:7 already much clearer.

In the second semi-final BIG OMEN Academy “(EN) to compete” against “Fragbox Gaming” (CH). After two very one sided Matches, BIG OMEN Academy wins with a 16:6 and 16:1. A bitter pill to swallow for the Swiss Team.

In the final epikk esports “and” BIG OMEN Academy””. Again, a Best-of is play-3. It’s about 5000 francs. Match one win over the Swiss with a 16:9 scores. In the second Match, BIG finds “” back into the game and creates the Comeback with a 16:12. The last and decisive round, both Teams will give everything. “epikk esports” is to keep pace with the problems with their opponents, the Match with a 16:8 for the boys of “BIG OMEN Academy”.

5000 Swiss francs, the Germans of the “BIG OMEN Academy to take” home with them. For “epikk esports” in the second place, there is a cash prize of 2500 Swiss francs for the two Teams on the third place of 1250 francs.