Nassim Ben Khalifa complains against FC St. Gallen. Bitter, but logical. On the one hand, a talented but stubborn player who feels Pride is hurt, when others instead of his play. The does not realize that it takes care of the club great, if he threatens with a change. And no one will ever find the club that meets his expectations.

On the other hand, the head of sports, that goes straightforward on his way. Alain Sutter talks of processes, and in the case of the offspring of a social project. He emphasizes the Human – but he is brutal. Giorgio Contini, he fired, in spite of the success in advance. And Nassim Ben Khalifa, he took, in spite of its class of the opportunity again, to impose. Upon taking office, he stressed that Ben Khalifa is a player that special care would be needed. Now he lets him fall. The other player register.

And Ben Khalifa? Even if he can prevail and be permanently train with the first team – a winner he is not. To a lot of dishes he smashed.

A loser Matthias Hüppi. The President preaches the ideal green-and-white world. You first cracks. Also because he failed in the Causa Ben Khalifa in that discipline, which he dominated for many years: in Moderate.