The Alpine circus has already experienced some of the geniuses who have given away triumphs because of a sloppy way of life, some of the big. Bode Miller is one of the most notorious examples in this sector.

Marcel Hirscher, by contrast, embodies the rare combination of a God-gifted Talent and a hard worker. It is indicative of His perfectionism, that he has invested as the sole racer together with his father several days in a year in the testing of the poles.

The final result is impressive: The son of a salt burgers and a Dutch woman has in twelve seasons, 67 single – and eight overall world Cup run in victories. The Swede Ingemar Stenmark, has celebrated 15 years with 86 victories, but “only” three Times the big crystal globe won.

Marcel Hirscher, therefore, the greatest racer in the Alpine history? No! For this title, a victory in the king discipline of the Austrians, just like most of mark’s departure. In contrast to Pirmin Zurbriggen, who won in all disciplines at least twice before he finished his career after four total world Cup victories with 27.

Hirscher has in addition to a victory in Downhill also something else missing: the entertainment value next to the slopes. While a Hermann Maier and Alberto Tomba have transformed many press conferences in a comedians stadl, geizte Hirscher with “abusive”. And that’s why he has a lot of races, but less heart won.