The first Single, the Hobby-a crooner Fredy Bickel, the new managing Director of Champions GC, 2002 recorded, has the title of: “Where is the love found a home.”

in the 90s, as Bickel was employed as a Press Advisor at the European Cup Games of GC, he picked up the evening prior to the Games, on the return trip the micro. And trilled, as the listeners are also not quite sober, in the Bus, a couple of crooners to the micro.

Recently, Bickel with comedian Beat Schlatter (a FCZ-Fan!), Rock musicians Christian Häni and his partner Regula Esposito (better known as a comedian, Helga Schneider) recorded the next disc. Title: “Min Will hät en Püggel”. Fredy “Pimples”.

dancing in life like a red thread through Bickel’s work. “Ewigi Liäbi”, by Franz Arnold and the yodel club Wiesenberg would be fitting for the Name-cousin of GC-legend Fredy Bickel, the 71-times International. Eternal love to GC. After 20 years in exile he is back.

by the Way: every year, visited crooners Fan of Fredy the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. His highly beloved Edith Piaf is since 1963, buried. Her most famous song? “Non, je ne regrette rien”. No, I regret nothing. GC Fans hope, Bickel sings the Piaf-catchy tune at the end of his second GC period. Or before, at the ascension ceremony.