The Michelin man from the Entlebuch sweeps like a hurricane over the train across. Four access four times the opponent with sheer force whirling through the air, and after a few seconds into the sawdust bedding.

Yes, this Joel Wicki is this Saturday, is a natural event. He kissed this Federal really awake. And he has crowned on Saturday at the king. The king of hearts.

of Course: All the talk of Wicki. He will satisfy the longing of the heart of Switzerland, to the king title. Because the other fairy tale is burst. Pirmin Reichmuth is in need of a miracle, if he wants to again engage in the fight for the crown. And wonders there are in the Swing rarely. Broken dreams, but many.

Not even a miracle Samuel Giger helps. Switzerland is out of the race. Five favourites at the Start, three remained. In addition to Wicki Christian Stucki and Armon Orlik. Also your any Royal history, would have been a fairy tale. Stucki, who was in Burgdorf the fairest loser of all time. And Orlick, three years ago was the strongest, was in the final gear but dupe.

Wicki, Stucki, Orlik, and the impressive Zug Marcel Bieri. And behind the high-profile transducer in a waiting position. Wenger, Aeschbacher, Young Fabian Staudenmann, Michael Wiget, Andreas Döbeli.

It promises to be not only a meteorologist to be a fire hot Sunday. Also sporting this great and top organized people will tighten again the whole country is under the spell.

It should be wind still. But only until Joel Wicki shows up. And again a Entlebucher storm through the Arena swirls.

11.00 am / opening of the Festgeländes13.00 / flag reception in Zug14.00 / Start parade

7.30 / invasion of the Schwinger7.45 / Nationalhymne8.00 / Oscillation (1./2. Gear)8.00 / Start Of The Competition Steinstossen13.30 / Decay (3./4. Gang)14.00 / Final 20-kg-Steinstossen14.30 / Final 40-kg-Steinstossen17.15 / end of Decay

7.45 / Ausstich (5. Gear)10.30 / Ausstich (6. Gear)13.30 / Wreath Ausstich (7. Gear)14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein15.15 / wreath ausstich (8. Gear)16.45 / closing speed