First of Italy swept away, then Latvia wrestled to the ground, and now Austria, and Norway sovereign, kept at a distance and defeated.

The Swiss go their way so unimpressed, as it is otherwise known only from the six major Nations. Hats off!

the national team is guaranteed, although still not a medal as a year ago in Copenhagen. However, the value of the flaw is not to assess loose balance against the small (or almost equal) opponent high enough.

Because it shows that the team developed under Patrick Fischer. In the game field, but especially in the head. These four victories are evidence of maturity, of a development. You are not a product of chance.

The role of a favorite, was, had, in the past, something the Swiss like a millstone around the neck. Only when the pressure was gone, were the feet of the Nati easily.

It must not be forgotten that the quarter-final qualification was secured a year ago in the seventh group game against France. Now it is not a formality, when Latvia still raises the Hockey-world order.

From the 10. to 26. May is gagged in Slovakia to nothing Less than the world title. What is the Nati tears? And what are the other favorites? In our WM-Ticker you won’t miss a game!