The FC Basel is in Chaos, the players complain to the President – in this matter there is no winner. Even in the case of a reconciliation and of a new parole opportunity for Marco Streller, or Marcel Koller all Involved with evil scratches.

There is Streller, who built a team that is against YB competitive. A Team is 19 points, the Europa League missed with 1:7 in Bern, has been humiliated – that’s not enough for Basler claims. His statement to the coach-choice (“The next cartridge has to sit”) could fly to him in the retrospect, even to the ears.

As Koller, whose reputation was his work in Austria perfectly and has now been corrupted arg. Similar to Christian Gross, the failed in YB and in Bern, and not even a year in office. And whether Koller’s go to the action team, the President, wants to really do, is another question.

As President Bernhard Burgener is not busy, busy, busy, in the club, but now brightly burns. Only the changing of the guard by YB, then the dismissal of Wicky, and now this unrest in the club. His austerity measures (10 million less expenditure) is economically paid for, but sporty and brutally avenged.

There are only losers.