Why should actually deserve those the most, especially aggressively negotiate or friends of the boss? We all want to be treated fairly. However, it is precisely to Negotiate many people do not. The good news is that digitization will have to Negotiate sooner or later, obsolete.

Digital platforms such as Payscale and Glassdoor can show you now, how much we could earn in what Job and when. Calculate our value with Big Data. Payscale cursed the previous wage policy of the business world as black magic. You want one of the last means of power of the chiefs to the light tugging.

more and more companies with wages to pay voluntarily. Verve, a British technology enter has made all of the wage data with internal access. Employees can check the salaries of their bosses and colleagues. And oh miracle, no one has left the company. Verve has nothing to hide – no wage differences between women and men.

Buffer, an American Start-up, switches off all the wages of the employees public on its Website. What happened? The applications have increased significantly. Openness makes employees more cooperative and productive, and draws the Buffer on the balance sheet. Buffer women and men paid at the same level all the same. The Tech company has, however, feared that the competition will poach and your people more money. Also this is not happening.

Also some of the few Swiss companies to show, by the way, what you pay for. For example, Ergon Informatik or the research company Empiricon.

Who know the wages of the colleagues will be envious, warn critics. But who has nothing to hide, nothing to fear resentment. If employees can be explained will see how salaries with a neutral-to-understand formulas, you are not jealous. Verve and Buffer to put in the simplest of wage formulas. Each function has a standard wage. Training, experience, and cost of living in the location can increase.

The pressure on fair and equal wages will rise. People don’t select employers, then, what you say, but what you are doing. You want to see that company is really serious about this, all include and treat fairly. People are clearly happier when they earn for the same Job all the same. And straight women will pick and choose, increasingly, the companies that offer the. #departure

Patrizia Laeri (41) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.