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Its Premiere was a debacle: In July 1924 Bugatti went with five brand-new Type 35 Grand Prix of France at the Start and afterwards drove with all of them. The Tires were processed incorrectly and did not withstand the pace, because the blue painted racer with the cigar body and only 95 horsepower out of a tiny two-liter-made eight-cylinder 190 km/h!

2000 victories in seven years

But after that it had understood the Pneulieferant. Over 2000 victories, Bugatti between 1924 and 1930, celebrated with the Type 35. The sizes of the former Motorsports sat behind the thin steering Wheel – Alberto Divo, Tazio Nuvolari, Louis Chiron, or William Charles Frederick Grover. And Racers how Hellé Nice. Or Elisabeth Junek, the drove at the Targa Florio in 1928, the legendary road race in Sicily, with a broken water pump.

lightweight instead of a monster engine

Instead of the heavy motor monster as the competition continued to Bugatti-in-chief Ettore Bugatti, especially on lightweight construction. He developed the Type 35 wheels, a hollow axle and lightweight body, which had the long tail has aerodynamic advantages. Starting in 1926, the eight-cylinder from a compressor was supplied with air, which brought the power up to 140 horsepower and 215 km/h allowed. About 340 were built, have survived the hard Motorsport-existence only a few. The number of replicas is much higher.

Bolide is kids ‘ stuff

However, Bugatti will build today, the Type 35 – on a scale of 1:2. Because in this year of the 110. Brand birthday is being celebrated, has been launched in the Type Bébé: A scaled replica with battery-electric drive and a 1.4 PS in the children and 5.6 PS in the adult mode. The idea comes from Ettore Bugatti himself, who was between 1927 and 1936, approximately 500 of the children-Bugatti build. Cheap the Fun from the fall but is not: without tax and delivery for a minimum of 30’000 Euro.