Wörthersee, Wörthersee, all always say how beautiful this lake Wörthersee is. So I got before the arrival of the thought, I grew up on lake Zurich and the mountains we have here. Well, now is after the arrival in the Rest of the climate-friendly by train – and I have to say: The lake of Zurich and many other Swiss lake can cut a thick slice from the Wörthersee lake, so beauty technically. Türkisestens the water and especially have made it here, not all the banks with millionaire concrete blocks and flat roofs zuzupappen as is the case with us.

on the Other hand, there is plenty to find fault with Planning: As the most beautiful youth standing buildings in style, and they are deleted – for the first Time, I noticed when driving through Innsbruck – with a preference in exterior paints, such as blood in the stool, Sausage or thin whistle, and I dare not here surmise, which says the welfare of the local people’s soul – if then else an Austrian judge reads this column, he feels insulted and gives me no voice.

Yesterday evening, I write these lines on Wednesday, is one of them being this introduced, by the way, a “Kärntner Jause”, organised by the ORF, and, like the rest of our country, strictly hierarchically organized: the left table for the candidate of the rights for the jurors. Later on there will be sent a guide to space, from the. Clinically white, exhibited on a revolving stage, the reading table is in the middle, and negative associations of Sezierlabor and shish kebab-skewer, it is roasted to the fore. And the fits, as they say in this country.

The Ingeborg-Bachmann-prize is one of the most important literary awards in the German-speaking area. Here is not a book, but a reading lecture. Three days will be read in Klagenfurt under the critical eye of a merciless Jury. The 25-minute readings will be broadcast live on 3sat.