The city of Vienna don’t want to remove the name plates on the doorbells. “We have to stop the exchange of the name-plates against Topnummern,” announces women and housing councillor Kathrin Gaál (SPÖ), in a communication to the municipal administration. The reason is that It will give to the subject of differing legal opinion, and many people wanted to keep their name badges.

On complaint of an unknown resident should lose the beginning of October in Vienna, about 220,000 tenants of municipal apartments to their name plates on the doorbells, and instead, anonymous numbers. The person Concerned referred to the European data protection basic regulation (DSGVO) and argued that his privacy was not protected enough, if his Name is on the Doorbell. After the Vienna data protection Department confirmed this view, was the beginning of November started with the replacement of the signs.

Austrian data protection officers shared this view and called for an extension to private Landlords. Accordingly, tenant may install interior and tenant in case of violation of the since the 1980 ban, name-plates, to claim compensation. In addition, the German property owner Association Haus und Grund its members, to remove the name plates advised.

However, there is still no court to describe judgments the name and also the EU Commission had in the meantime announced that according to their Interpretation, the attribution is permitted. Therefore, the city of Vienna sees to the removal of the signs. “Also the so far against Topnummern exchanged plates are again provided with the name,” said councillor Gaál.

Who wants to have a Topnummer, could register according to Gaál in Vienna’s housing society. In the case of new tenants will in future be attached to a number – then you can label independently the Doorbell with your name.