It was the big day of the Ökoparteien. Posted on election Sunday so strong, not even they themselves had held in the run-up to possible. The Greens win all 17 seats – that is historically. A new environmental party of Regula Rytz (57) comes to 28 seats. The GLP can send, according to the SRF final result of nine additional Councillors to Bern, the green liberals have a new 16 national councils.

as Expected, had to let the SVP springs. You will lose 12 seats and can be re-set 53 national councils. The climate shaft has not been flushed just a lot of Green and green-liberal to the Parliament, but also the issue of Migration and the EU-covered Dossier, which explains the losses of the SVP.

but the SP and the FDP also lose heavily, while the CVP can hold on to almost no one had on the Radar. For the SP, it was different than in the 2011 elections, where the Greens were, in consequence of the reactor accident of Fukushima is not going to benefit. Now the Green gain, and the SP will lose four seats. It comes new, still on 39 national councils. The FDP loses four national councils, and on 29 seats.

the Federal Council is the question

So the liberals just make a national Council of more than the Green. The FDP has, however, two Federal councillors, the Green not yet. The discussion on a Green in the state government is launched.

Even existence are hazardous to the elections for the BDP failed. She has no five national councils more that you need for your own group. Party leader Martin Landolt (51) yet will not speak of the end of the party. For him, the defeat ended only the first Chapter of the BDP – the start-up phase.

The Evangelical people’s party, which does not feel in the CVP group, according to statements of the party leader Marianne Streiff-Feller (62) is full, has a seat on the three national Council seats. BDP and EVP can discuss from today about whether or not they get together to form a new group.

the rights of supremacy is the history of

SP chief Christian Levrat (49) were in the elephant round in the SRF to bear in mind that the Left have won 17 national Council seats, while the right outputs, probably 16 seats. In order for SVP and FDP have lost their supremacy in the national Council is clear. So far, the two came together to 101 of the 200 seats. New you are 82 national councils as far away from a majority in the big chamber.

However, Even if the greens and the SP coming together new to 67 of the national councils – the Left one is still weaker than the right block.

An important role in the search for majorities to come to the political center. Together, CVP, GLP, BDP and EVP of 47 seats in the national Council have. The centre-left has a majority.

Whether it is center-left manages to shape the next four years, will be In the climate issue, the Chance is great that this majority decides effective measures – especially since a large part of the FDP group are likely to cooperate on many issues.

GLP is ticking in some of the topics on the right

Otherwise it looks in the financial and social policy. Here, the green liberals tick differently and journeymen often to the right block. And how the CVP has proved – as in the case of the Reform of the supplementary benefits, is also not always a reliable Partner to the Left. To expect

there is, however, that the national Council politicized increasingly in step with the Council of States and the two chambers will no longer block as often as in the past four years.

The probability is thus great that in the coming legislature, not only in the fight against climate change is being accelerated, but also on other subjects, the securing of the pension system, the growth of health care costs and in the relations with the EU forward could go.

The EU Dossier, it will not come to a battle of political blocks. Rather, it appears that the existing major parties SP, FDP and CVP, are, together with the new major party, the Greens, the discussion of the framework agreement. They all engage in this question and in the vote to the termination Initiative, which caps the free movement of persons with the EU, against the largest party. Against the SVP so.


The EU, the Quartet is likely to bind the green-liberal-back, the insistence on a speedy conclusion of the framework agreement with Brussels. The Quartet wants to. clarifications on three points: the state aid, in the question of the Union citizens Directive, which allowed for a quicker access to social assistance for immigrants from the EU, but also in the case of the accompanying measures for protection against wage dumping

It is assumed that the green liberals need this in the election campaign, feature “instant signature postulated alone, without looking to the left and to the right” after the elections and conciliatory show.

it is Because clear: With the strengthening of the left-Green of the framework agreement against the Left is not only legal to. Together with the SVP, you can block a degree. And also before the people it should be against the Left hard.

the National Council and Council of States elections to 2019

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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