“Victory” has overtaken Aeroflot in the number of passengers carried in July. The airline even showed a slight increase in traffic year-on-year, while overall passenger traffic decreased by 52.8%. On the first place for transportation remains the S7. Analysts say that Aeroflot is likely to regain leadership with a full restoration of international flights. The current situation of the airline due to lack of activity on domestic flights, even though they might recover to the level of 2019.The passenger traffic of Russian airlines in July fell by 52.8%, to 6.72 million, follows from the operative data of the Federal air transport Agency. It is better the pace of June, when the drop was 77%, and also may (91,32%) and April (92,1%). In March the number of passengers a row, only 28.1% in February and grew by 6.4%. Passenger traffic in July fell by 62.5% and amounted to 13.1 billion passenger-kilometers. In January—July 2020 passenger traffic fell by 52% to 34.54 million passengers.The leader in traffic in July remained S7 — the company carried 1.34 million passengers, which is 10.2% lower than a year earlier (from the beginning of 2020 S7 Group have joined the company “Siberia” and “Globus”, so the results are not quite comparable).The “Victory” ahead of “Aeroflot” took second place with passenger traffic of 1.04 million passengers (growth on 1,6%). Aeroflot showed a drop of 72%, to 1.03 million passengers. Followed by “Russia” (down 49.2%, to 776 thousand passengers) and “Ural airlines” (down 41.8%, to 662 thousand passengers).Elena Sahnova from “VTB Capital” believes that “Aeroflot” will gradually return to the position as the recovery of international air travel (it was officially opened in August in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Tanzania). With the full opening of international flights, the company will return in the first place, she said.Overall, the decline in passenger traffic in July due mainly to the lack of international traffic, said Elena Sahnova, while the interior during this period was able to achieve a level of 2019 at the expense of domestic tourism, mainly flights to Russian resorts. In August, the result will be even better by adding at least a few international destinations, she concludes.Olga of Nicotinamine ready to fight for next to vyrovnyayut