In Minsk hosted a military parade dedicated to the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Despite the epidemic, to see the parade called the veterans and residents. The main feature of the military parade was the complete lack of personal protective equipment for the Belarusian soldiers – soldiers from the parade and representatives of Belarusian generals. Apparently, President Lukashenka wanted to show the world that the Belarusian army is not one virus did not take.

the Second feature of the parade is the almost complete absence in the parade of equipment of foreign, including Russian production.

Despite international criticism, Belarusian authorities have not abandoned the traditional military parade on the Victory Day. While the military and political leadership, the veterans, the soldiers were without personal protective equipment – no gloves and masks.

On the parade in Minsk this year was not a foreign main calculations. Last year on July 3 in Minsk on military parade in honor of independence day of Belarus arrived soldiers from Russia, China and some former Soviet republics.

the Army of Belarus presented at the parade of mostly armored vehicles manufactured in Belarus: armored vehicles “Cayman”, “hero”, “Fox-PM” and upgraded at Belarusian military enterprises of the Soviet BTR-70 and BTR-80. The front column through the streets of Minsk were also modern Belarusian tractors “Volat” transporting unmanned combat platforms in reactive systems of volley fire.

Heavy weapons were submitted by the installations of reactive systems of volley fire “Polonaise” caliber 301 mm, which was created in Belarus with the support of the Chinese military experts. Previously, Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the Belarusian military needed such a weapon, but are unable to obtain it from Russia.

In February of 2018 Alexander Lukashenko said: “We, unfortunately, did not help our friends, when I raised the question about the equipment of our army with precision weapons. Came to the aid of Chinese friends. On behalf of the Belarusian people bow down to and the President of China to my friend and all the Chinese military, who helped us for one and a half years to create on the territory of Belarus production of high-precision weapons. The first model of this weapon, which entered service of our army, began domestic jet system of volley fire “Polonaise”.

in addition, on the main Minsk square pass modernized tanks T-72B3 and anti-aircraft missile complexes “tor-M2E”.