63 years, Queen Victoria was in office, your included 1 billion people, they had 9 children, was involved in 229 wars and insurrections, survived 7 assassination attempts and 21 cabinets, a whole era was named after her: the Victorian era. She was the most powerful woman in the world.

And yet, our Episode reported of a broken woman, a wounded, insecure, reclusive Queen. It’s their trip to Switzerland in 1868, which was a kind of escape in front of a great responsibility, and the myriad of obligations to be fulfilled by a ruler of the British Empire.

grief led her in Switzerland

Queen Victoria after the death of her mother, and especially after the death of her husband Prince Albert in a depression-like state, she suffers – that’s how you would diagnose it today – at an acute Burn-out. She dresses exclusively in Black, for your deceased Albert every evening, make the bed, every Morning a fresh set of clothes ready. In addition, you will avoid any Public. This is detrimental to the Reputation of the English crown solid.

Victoria adored everything that had to do with Albert, which took on an almost grotesque cult. Albert had warmed from his earlier trip to Switzerland to weld, so, Switzerland was also for the Queen for a long time a place of longing. A dried, pressed Alpine rose, which he had told her once, from Switzerland, sent, saved Victoria more than 30 years as a noble treasure. Now, since you felt weak, you should bring a four-week trip to Switzerland in the recovery.

the Official reason for travel: Ailing health

In August, 1868, it is finally so far. The ailing health of the monarch is regarded as the official reason for the trip to Switzerland – in terms of other Sneakiness of royale the diseases of the English Royal house is remarkably open.

Queen Victoria was not governed only with skill, but also their nine children sent to be married. Her goal was not to find the big love for their daughters and sons, but to make a contribution to peace in Europe. Their first-born daughter, for example, was, therefore, Queen of Prussia, and for a short time even a German Empress. Even today, the descendants of Queen Victoria, Elisabeth II of England and her husband to rule both great-great-grandson of Victoria, as well Sophia and Juan Carlos of Spain. Also Harald V of Norway, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Margrethe II of Denmark are related to the Queen. And also among the more ruling Queens and kings of Europe the descendants of Victoria: Constantine II of Greece and Michael I. of Romania, for example, are to be found. Descendants of the Queen of the heads of former ruling houses from Serbia, Russia and France are also. Queen Victoria is not only the second longest ruler of Britain, but also the founder of a successful family business.

in Order to achieve the sought-after Leisure, travel Victoria under a false name. She is called the Countess of Kent, and to understand that they expected from foreign governments, no special treatment. Will be shipped in addition to the Queen and the Royal household of three carriages, her bed, two ponies, kitchen equipment and so on.

In Lucerne, a big crowd of onlookers, which greeted the English Queen, gathered at the train station. The Swiss cheer the foreign monarch to. The Lucerne city police do not need to keep the spectators in check so that you can the Queen get too close.

Everything that had dreamed of Victoria

Victoria has rented for yourself and your companions a Pension in Lucerne. Although the establishment is new, apply Victoria’s first Colonel Hofmeister, a considerable sum for additional furniture, carpets, pictures, porcelain, cleaning products, and a telegraphic apparatus. You want to make of the exhausted Queen the stay as pleasant as possible.

The views of lake Lucerne and the mountains are thrilled to the Queen, writes in her diary: “It was really what I had dreamed of, I could hardly believe to see it now in fact!”

In the following weeks, they travelled, for a struggling monarch of amazing enterprising, in the heart of Switzerland: she looks at the tell’s chapel, increases in wells and Küssnacht on Land, travel on the Rigi, to the myths, according to the Goldau, on the lake of Zug, on the Pilatus, on the Brünig and to Engelberg. No matter where the travelers are: your typical English habits according to item 17 PM, the Afternoon Tea is served, even under the greatest hardships for the staff that has to carry the tea to a secluded Alpine meadow. The Queen is walking, riding on their ponies, writes, rests, and eats. She takes the time to draw the landscape and paint in watercolours.

Royal noise complaints because of the bowling alley

Just a little the Queen’s mind: she’s angry about the noise of the bowling alley next to the house. With the then-exorbitant sum of 2,000 francs, she wants to bring the Lucerne bowlers as a means of Silencing what fails. The Swiss are even more stubborn than the Queen.

The increasing heat in the heart of Switzerland, this leads to fatigue of the obese monarch. In fact, it is to commemorate the hottest summer since people. Therefore, the company travels to the Furka pass. Because the Queen has hired the whole Furkahospiz for three days, be dismissed other guests harsh. Victoria experienced on the Furka pass, more Cool, than she had hoped for. It graupelt and even snowing a bit. Suddenly the sun breaks forth again, and offers the English a tremendous natural spectacle.

Switzerland did well, but the black clothes remained

At 9. September leaves Royal society of Switzerland. The Swiss journey of the Queen good to talk. Your worst time of mourning has survived thanks to the trip to Central Switzerland. Already a few days after returning to London, the Queen travels to Balmoral in Scotland, which reminds you of the Switzerland.

But your black dresses, you will keep your life.

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