script writers Maria Melenevska, Denis Utochkin, their record series “Ordinary woman”. Starring: Victoria Tolstoganova, Maksim Vitorgan, Polina Kutepov, Artem Bystrov, Yana Gladkikh and Alexei Agranovich. The series is interesting not only because it tells the official of the Ministry of health, but also the fact that its premiere will take place first in the Network, and only after that it will be released on the First channel.

In the story of the life of the official of the regional Ministry of health and Arina Alferova very prosperous: a nice apartment in the city centre, a decent car, the morning styling, shopping trip to Moscow, jewelry, expensive shoes. She works as nalinika financial and economic Department and could afford comfort and convenience. Lover official conducts business with the largest pharmaceutical company in the region. What in return? A few signatures on the contracts. Close eye on the “error” in the calculations. To allow to win tenders “right” people. One such “right” – pharmaceutical tycoon Calow, which introduces tons of counterfeit and expired medicines. But Arina did not even realize. Inspired by personal life, she says, is worth every signature really, and will have to pay lives of hundreds of residents of the region.

One day, pay a painful price gets too close to it, from fake pills dying native people. Then the clerk decides itself integrated into the corrupt chain to get to the top – to the Minister – and sink them all.

it Seems that it is too much to pay attention to how may sound like the series during the pandemic, when the officials of the Ministry of health and policy in health attracts universal attention. So the command, speaking with such a plot, shows a certain courage.

” We started working on this story about the clerk, which is a path of Awakening consciousness. Although it is already a Mature woman, but nevertheless she will “grow up”, it concerns the soul and human qualities. Globally, we would like to understand, to dissect this type of people, which we all pretty well known, in the title role is not just official, not just a woman, and the clerk-corrupt. We tried to understand what such people have in their heads, how their actions combine with a conscience. In this our attempt, perhaps, lies the uniqueness of the project is to look into the head of people who have gone beyond the boundaries of human morality,” says writer Mary Melenevska.

“We waited a very long time to run, like all filmmakers in our country. In quarantine we spent the whole pre-production: communicated solely in the Windows Zoom all the readings we had in these Windows, even important decisions were taken exclusively online. The launch was originally assigned on 10 April, but already the end of June – but with this delay we started, but still very happy! The whole group passed the tests, wear masks, keep a distance to perform the mandatory conditions of the CPS in order for these new realities to make a movie. But with all the precautions, all yourself you will not be protected: the first day of shooting after the first shot the scene, I centralize broke the plate, it shattered into many small fragments. One of them hit me in the arm, and it was a lot of blood, but the artists have calmed, say, it’s a very good sign – “if the role was given blood – will be a success!”. As far as the Directors know! I think we are removing important and relevant story because there is a large audience request for social justice in General and in the health system – in particular,” – says Oksana Karas.

the shooting of the project will take place in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. How will be able to carry out the intent of the eight-serial film, the viewer learns more to come soon – hopefully, at least a year. Although the topic is clearly of relevance will not lose.