Not long ago, Victoria Bonya reported that found your dream apartment – with terrace and views of the sea and mountains in France on the Cote d’azur.

And here’s the bad news: the thieves robbed the apartment of a socialite, twice, – says the Telegram. channel “Just anyone”.

The robbers entered the house during the absence of the hostess. Their neighbors noticed.

But, says the victim, they instead call the police immediately, took pictures of the thieves to sell the pictures to the police.

In instagram, where followers girls discuss this unpleasant story, the followers write that burglaries on the côte d’azur were commonplace. Many of the neighbours Boni has managed to deal with it.

“Victoria, just where you lived before , storycam it was difficult to determine the exact location. And then from your terrace once it is clear where you live, local easily find your apartment. You need the alarm and camera to install” – suggest experienced.

Regarding the installation of security devices Bonia not said anything, but the information in the network in real-time to lay out more plans.

“for security purposes, today my storesi will load with a delay of several days”

As reported by “the Rambler”, TV presenter and former contestant on “Dom-2” Victoria Bonia told Instagram that I started to hear strange voices. According to star, she woke up to voices speaking English.

Publish from VICTORIA BONYA (@victoriabonya) 7 2020 Aug 3:25 PDT