YEREVAN, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. Vice-speaker of the Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan told Wednesday about an altercation with an opposition blogger Arthur Danielian, saying that hit that head on the nose, hearing foul language in his address.

Information about the fight between Simonyan representing the Parliament in the ruling block “step”, and Danielian appeared in social networks on April 29. As web-based video frames, the two sought medical help. Law enforcement authorities have not commented on the incident.

During the video message in Facebook Vice-the speaker reported that he had met the blogger on the street in Yerevan, said Hello, but in response I hear swearing with insults his mother.

“After that I went to Danielyan, said that adhere to the same opinion of him, and hit his head on the nose,” said Simonyan. The Vice-speaker added that his opponents at the time of the incident there were three. According to him, there was a small scuffle, during which he was struck.

Earlier, human rights activist and former Minister of justice of Armenia Ruben Melikyan informed that the incident had hit the lens of the security camera of a private company and the video was removed by the police. Given the public outcry of what happened, he demanded immediately to release the recording as “the right of society to know the truth” prevails over the secrecy of the investigation.

Danielyan heads opposition party “Adequate”, sharply criticizing the current authorities.