the Superstars of the sports arena – the oscillators are. Next Saturday they are at the Federal wrestling and Alpine festival (ESAF) in the train back in to your put on their drill trousers in a circle of sawdust, and try to put the opponent on the back. But how exactly is being counted, why is it for the king, a Muni, which is why they are called “Evil” and why the winner wipes the loser of the sawdust from the back? The four times the oscillating Queen Sonia Kälin (34) is explained.

Switzerland is in need of a new king – that’s why 276 qualified athletes in the train to swing for the coveted title and the succession of resonant king Glarus Matthias. It can be wielded two days of the four courses.

For lost passes are usually distributed 8.5 points. Those who “lose well”, that is, who has actively swinging or several times close to the a result, gets 8.75 points. For asked, so, undecided course, in the normal case, 8.75 points, or 9 points, if very active, it was curved. For obtained courses, there is 9.75 points, with pressing down on the ground, or 10 in a flat throw. The grading is in the hands of the three judges. There are lost, gained or provided courses.

This means that the transducer presents to the fight, the victory with several turns to summon in order to lead, several times close to the victory.

If the opponent is touched with the back or both shoulder blades at the same time the ground. The result is only valid if both shoulder blades come to lie within the sawdust ring. At least with one Hand, you have to have on the shorts grip. The courses are monitored by the three judges.

In the case of the transducers of the: neck, handle (Würgeeffekt), poking against the head of the bridge, Tearing or over-Pressures, to the Bending and clamping of the leg and foot of the opponent, as well as the pressure build-up through a lever effect against the joints. The audience: whistles from the spectators ‘ grandstand.

The new swing king receives this year, the Muni Kolin, from the Sonia Kälin, the God is. If he doesn’t want the bull, he gets in for the win a certain amount of money. On the second and third place prizes – or for these places certain sums of money to follow Live. In addition, it gives a lot of prizes, such as a Sofa, a Harley-Davidson, a stainless toilet, or Foosball. The prizes have a total value of one Million Swiss francs.

The ESAF, which takes place every three years, to be swung eight courses, four courses the first transducer from a divorce already, if you have too little points. The conclusion of the course normally lasts twice as long as the previous gear.

the sawdust from the back?
It’s like the handshake a sign of respect and means that the fight is now finished and the two opponents face-to-face.

It is the point at which the transducer has to decide whether he wants to be Senna transducer or turn the transducer at some time. Senne transducer wear colored shirts and dark pants, turn the transducer are usually national, Turner, and therefore, the oscillator Turn. You wear pants white T-Shirts and white. This is the prescribed Competition-Tenue. Over their clothes they wear from Zwilch crafted, short pants, called the vibrating pants.

The attacker attacks the opponent with a strong upper body pressure, this is called Gammen. You push the opponent’s leg with his own legs and hooked later crossed with the other leg. As a result, the opponent is restricted in his freedom of movement and can be boring any more.

The most powerful vibrator in the country are lovingly referred to as. Since there is no Definition of who is considered “Evil”, are known today, all of the transducer with a Federal sprocket in that way.

the joy of The combat, and the trade Want. It takes an incredible number of different factors, in order to be a good transducer. Technical finesse, a good mental state and a healthy body are just three of them.