The voice-giants los set even before the Wreath-season properly. Especially hot, the circuit is a gear-mating to the Gibel-Schwinget in Bonstetten, ZH. With Samuel Giger and Pirmin Reichmuth two of the most Evil.

However, as the Oscillation disconnect. And because the judges despite offensive battle, only one 8,75, it is not enough Giger and Reichmuth for the feast of victory. Samir Leuppi had the last laugh and wins. Nevertheless, Giger and Reichmuth are in the Form.

Orlik and Wicki strong

This also applies to Armon Orlik. In the Grisons early in the year schwinget in Küblis GR is the favorite. Orlik wins the Final round against Sandro Schlegel.

And in the bathroom-Schwinget in Wolhusen LU the big winner Joel Wicki. In the Final round against Adrian Klossner he makes short work of the process. After 28 seconds he has his opponent on the back by intercepting a Skip.

Christian Stucki does not, however, in Grenchen, SO different than expected. Thomas Stüdeli wins there. (sme)