The Corona-forced break of the humanity’s power to create. The normal life is mostly paralyzed, “bread and games” is there. When VfL Wolfsburg and all the other German football clubs, everything is different at the moment. For Wolfsburg’s coach Oliver Glasner (45) uncharted territory.

“We will comply with all requirements of the policy.”

Thursday also ended up at VfL Wolfsburg, a formal referral Letter to the electronic Inbox. Glasner quite openly: “I quote from an E-Mail from the DFL: ‘…thus, at least up to 5. April no crew Training’.“

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The Austrians to send adds: “We continue to train as before, in small groups, adhere to all regulatory requirements. And up to and including 5. April, no team to stop Training.“

Glasner in all clarity: “I emphasize, we adhere to all the requirements of the policy, to all guidelines of the DFL. This is our premise. Currently, the policy has the rudder in the Hand, that is a good thing.“