124 League games was Johann, called “Buffy”, Ettmayer (73) for Stuttgart and HSV. The Fans loved the slightly overweight playmaker for hard left shots and humorous sayings.

However, in the case of Corona, the fun goes on, even for him: “Laugh, I can not. There’s a bit of fear is certain. I’m not currently out! Our love of a daughter-in-law buys for us.“

Ettmayer in the season 1978/79, when he played in the then second division side FC Freiburg. He was for his hard-left photo-adhesive famous: IMAGO

Ettmayer is good reason to be careful: Diabetes, three heart Bypasses, an implanted Defibrillator and pacemaker, pulmonary embolism 2015, renal failure in 2019. More risk-group is hardly possible!

Even if it is difficult: His wife, Susanna (72), and he will keep away from the grandchildren, Brian (6) and Dean (4).