Veterinarians rescued the cub, which was a prop for a photo in Sochi

Veterinarians rescued the cub, which was used as props for photographs during the holiday season in Sochi. The wounded and dying predator found near Makhachkala, the volunteers, and then reported this to the activists of the popular front. Now the animal rights activist Karen Dallakyan transports the rescued animal to the southern Urals, the “Vesti Sochi”.

Predator was discovered in a local village. Lion cub lying in the shed and could not get up. People fed him, but didn’t know how to help him. Social activists found out that the beast was the victim of street photographers. At the age of about 3 months it was used as props for photos that are offered to make the tourists. After the end of the holiday season it proved unnecessary.

Presumably, the animal passed from hand to hand until it got tired the last owner. So the cub was injured and thrown away. It does not work the rear part of the body, probably due to spinal injury. Also because of poor nutrition he has rickety phenomenon. In addition, as the lion for a long time did not get up and he has terrible pressure sores in multiple places – right down to the bone.

“he’s Got matted hair. Now he is very weak and neglected. There is evidence to suggest that the animal had used neuroleptics. On the spot we gave him the necessary injections,” — said Karen Dallakyan.

After transporting the cub will live in Chelyabinsk shelter for wild animals for disabled “Save me”. He will undergo tests and quarantine. 8-month-old predator now threatens nothing, but the period of rehabilitation and recovery will be long.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”