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It has been just over 40 days since the first case of koronasmitte was discovered in Norway.

For the business sector its share is 12. march, as an important date. It was the day strict and inngripande measures were introduced by the government.

Næringsalliansen in Hordaland, together with the Sogn and Fjordane county man of the year, since the 12. march carried out three work among vestlandsbedrifter.

The latest survey is now ready. 759 companies in Vestland county has from 3. to 7. april provided feedback that paint a broad and gloomy image:

More than half of the companies have laid off employees. Over half answered that koronaviruset can be critical for them (permitteringar, oppseiingar, konkursfare). Every third company said that it is critical about the situation to warn over a longer period of time.

Many are experiencing quite acute problem. Several will go into in a critical situation about this warn. Every fourth company fryktar bankruptcy. It is alarmerande, says managing director of Bergen man of the year, Marit Warncke to NRK.

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CRITICAL SITUATION: the Situation is alarmerande, says managing director of Bergen man of the year, Marit Warncke.

Several have laid off

as early as 19. march shone the telltale red with businesses in the area. And there were 33.7 per cent who said that they already had laid off staff. Now the proportion increased to 52 per cent.

For many vestlandsbedrifter come koronasituasjonen in addition to two other events.

the west coast has many companies in the supplier industry to the oil and gassnæringa. They are particularly hard struck by the drop in oil prices and the weak exchange rate, in addition to the korona.

Some were working there as to be around of three tsunamiar at the same time. We are also the largest eksportfylket in Norway, so everything that is happening around in the world worketh strongly in on the west coast, ” says Warncke.

On questions about how long it will take before koronasituasjonen get critical consequences, says over half of the vestlandsbedriftene two or three months.

– It is a part as the ability to keep people in their turn yet. But we see that there is a great fear of what happens if one, two or three months, ” says Warncke.

She calls especially to kulturaktørane. Both Nattjazz and Bergenfest is cancelled, after that forbodet against cultural and sports events was also built to 15. June Tuesday.

Several krisepakkar is adopted by the Parliament the last month.

PLOT: With the strict tiltakt disappeared, also many enough customers. Often it can be folketomt in the centre of cities, as here on the main square Torgallmenningen in Bergen.

Photo: Ida Yasin Andersen / NRK this initiative helps the most

Several krisepakkar is adopted by the Parliament the last month.

Vestlandsbedriftene has also cast the dice of what measures have been most important to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic.

In the survey, they are asked to provide various measures rated from 1 (low) to 6 (a critical factor).

The most important measures have been:

Reduced employer say lønnsplikt from 15 to two days on permittering: 4,50 Arbeidsgivarperioden by sjukemelding reduced to three days: to 4.35 Arbeidsgivaravgifta set down four percentage points: 4,27

At the other end, we find the measures of framskunding of the project within the carbon capture and storage (2,27) and defer the payment of capital tax (2,79).

– Kontantstøtta a light for businesses

According to Tuesday adopted the Norwegian Parliament, financial support of up to 50 billion to help the Norwegian business sector through koronapandemien.

the Support is meant to cover most of the introduced fixed and uunngåelege expenses to companies with large inntektsfall. The companies that have been required to close the operation, to get the most.

Bergen man of the year does not hide the fact that this particular support has been very important for several actors.

– For very many it will to get a loan should be the same as to postpone the elende. So it was very many who waited for this package, and it is lightweight. It means that, for example, hotellnæringa will get 80 percent of their fixed direct costs covered, ” says Warncke.

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