– We have no objection to member states trading in the financial markets, said Vestager.

the EU countries should be ready for in connection with the coronakrisen to buy in as owners in companies in their countries to avoid chinese acquisitions

It says Margrethe Vestager, commissioner for competition and vice-president of the EUROPEAN Commission, to the newspaper the Financial Times.

– We have no objection to the member states act as players in the financial markets, if it is deemed necessary in order to prevent a hostile takeover, she says in an interview with the newspaper.

– It is very important that you are aware that there is a real risk associated with that business, which is vulnerable, can be exposed to a takeover.

– the Situation is currently such that we really need to work intensely on that to counter such a development, she adds.

Vestager has previously helped to launch fiscal measures to help companies in distress because of coronakrisen.

It is done after consultation with the member states.

There is a temporary scheme, which is hastebehandlet because of the current crisis, where society in many member states is shut down, and companies are suffering huge losses on a daily basis.

– the economic impact of The Covid19-the outbreak is serious. We need to act quickly to deal with the consequences, as well as we can. And it must be coordinated, she said in a written announcement last month.