Chief anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the Ministry of health of Russia, Professor Igor Molchanov spoke about wearing masks on the chin in the heat. His words are on the Agency’s website.

“the Heat creates in people the feeling of suffocation under the mask, and they wear it formally, often dangling on his chin. The state of complacency from the weakening of the isolation mode is very dangerous,” he said. Chief specialist of the Department said that the irrational behavior of citizens in cities with high population density and migration can lead to massive violations of sanitary-epidemiological regime.

In his estimation, to predict the course of events of non-compliance with mask and glove mode difficult is to rely on the prudence of the citizens. It is especially important to wear personal protective equipment in public areas and transport. Molchanov called to observe all necessary measures of prevention and to avoid mass gatherings of people.

On 18 June, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the mask mode, introduced in Russia to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, can be canceled, when the epidemiological situation will become “absolutely stable”.

In Russia over the past day it has been revealed 7425 patients. The total number of infected in Russia almost close to 600 thousand. Of these, more than 356 thousand were recovered, more than 8.3 thousand died. The who announced the withdrawal of Russia on a plateau on the coronavirus.