Very cool coupe-Range Rover SUV: it still will begin to produce

While major car manufacturers gradually abandon the three-door models, the vacated niche confidently take the tuners. Three-door Range Rover Coupe Adventum, invented by the English of Dutch origin, has received a start in life.

Strictly speaking, the Range Rover with a reduced number of doors – not news. This project has developed itself a British company, calling it SV Coupe Range Rover, and even it was assumed that the three-door will go into production. But Land Rover is something went wrong, although the idea of the SUV in the brain, as it turned out, ingrained.

Firm Niels van Roij Design from London, developed their own version of the three-door “Range Rover”, has declared willingness to collect such off-road vehicles to private customers. Body panels for each vehicle are made from scratch – factory leaving only the hood, front fenders and trunk lid. And under the hood integrates a five-liter V8 with a mechanical supercharger capacity of 525 HP

Re-finished and the interior, with Niels van Roy has said that his firm is ready to fulfill any wishes of the customer. Conventionally, the first serial sample Adventum Coupe received a salon with armchairs, upholstered in red Nappa leather and a floor made of teak – wood, which is used in the boatbuilding industry.

the Back of the “coupe” has two “captain’s” chairs with electric. In addition, the SUV still attached and two umbrellas made using the same leather, which decorated the interior.

Niels van Roij Design will take to build the SUV at a price of 235 thousand pounds (22.2 million rubles), and the Assembly of each car is given at least six months.

Text: Avtovesti