Max Verstappen drives a Ferrari to the Austin GP gross to the cart. The Red Bull Star before throwing the Red fraud. The Dutch TV channel Ziggo, the 22-Year-old etches: “That’s what You get when You have to stop cheating.”

“Mad Max” with this controversial record, the Ferrari puzzle. The Italians went from the Spa, suddenly all of them on the Straights, suddenly had more Power and a high Top Speed (VIEW reported).

Slowed down, the FIA Ferrari?

There were no protests. But Red Bull has asked the international automobile Federation FIA, and if it is allowed, in addition to petrol inject. There, the suspected fall-Team Manipulation.

in Front of the GP, the United States, the FIA out there was a technical Directive to the Teams. In this, the Teams will be noted that the injection of extra fuel is prohibited in the engine outside of the official measurements of the FIA.

and lo And behold: The advantage of the Ferrari is way after this clear, suddenly, as quickly as he had appeared. Charles Leclerc arrives in Austin with 52 seconds down on the target.

This is strongly reminiscent of the performances before the summer break. In Hungary, both Ferrari’s ended in a Minute residue. Then the break and then out of nowhere, six Pole positions came.

For Verstappen is not that surprising. He even says in the official press conference. “It is not a Surprise. Why do you think that Ferrari could not fight at the Start with us? You can imagine yourself.”

Leclerc about Verstappen: “This is a joke, he has no idea”

The allegations of fraud come at Ferrari, of course, not good at all. Pilot Charles Leclerc sucks about Verstappen: “This is a joke, to be honest! He has no idea. We know exactly what we are doing.”

And team boss Mattia Binotto, the on Sunday not a nice 50. Birthday experienced, declared to the Ferrari press conference: “this weekend I read a lot of comments about a technical Directive that have an impact on our cars and heard. I’ve heard after the end of the race comments, I’m very disappointed. I think such comments are totally wrong and not good for the Sport. Since all should be a bit more careful.”

Hamilton: “you suddenly had tons of Power”

But the verse is not to fall far from being the only one who is surprised about the results of Ferrari. Even world champion Lewis Hamilton talks to. “You had like out of nowhere suddenly, tons of Power way. Whenever you needed more Power, they seemed to have even more”, says the Mercedes Star on the last race. “This weekend, and I don’t know how your GPS data was compared to our look – definitely different than before. Before that, we have lost alone on the Straight seven-tenths.”

Also Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff sees it that way. “We looked at the data. Your top speed looks quite different than in the last races,” he says. “Whether this is due to the technical Directive, or something else, I don’t know, since I have no insight into what Ferrari is doing.”

Binotto: Experiment is the Declaration of

With fraud had everything to do nothing to clear Binotto. He explains the mysterious loss of performance with an Experiment at Ferrari. “It is true that we have not won on the Straights as much as we in the race before that. We were but in the curves as fast as our competitors. At least in qualifying,” said the Italian. “We have postponed the compromise between downforce and performance, in order to test how we can be in the turns faster.”

It will be exciting to see how the Ferrari Performance in two weeks in Brazil and at the season-closing Abu Dhabi (1. December) will look like.