Verona Pooth (50) acts at the PR launch of her book, “The Verona-principle – Take everything, give a lot more youthful!” noticeable. Compared to the “picture” tells you what you can be for their extremely tight skin to make: “A Hyaluron-Kur.” She adds, however: “again … I prefer to leave on vacation, than in the midst of my book launch.”

Because the face of the advertising icon seems quite changed, and swollen. Notice, Verona Pooth, of the explains how such a treatment works: “Many small injections at the height of the Zygomatic and thus a Preventive against small wrinkles.” No wonder that this Beauty treatment swelling may occur.

swelling is back

On the question of whether you feel so comfortable, answers the ad-asterisk: “The Hyaluron-Kur is quite fresh, therefore my face is swollen a little. It may take a couple of weeks, until the swelling is no longer to be seen.”

A clear “Yes” sounds different, yet the same Verona, also stated: “I stand by this, because I find it silly, all those little Beauty Tricks that we have women like this, constantly denying it.” (euc)