A Swiss Apple, eaten away by maggots or worm-like creatures, which stands for the other parties and the EU: The campaign Plot, the SVP moves into the election, is disgusting.

Because it is reminiscent of the darkest Chapter of European history: In “Mein Kampf” describes Hitler the Jews as parasites. As historically minded Twitter User noted, has published the Nazi struggle sheet “der Stürmer” in 1931, a figure that is similar to the SVP-Subject frightening. This shows a of a worm-eaten Apple. The image should represent how Jews undermine the German economy.

“Poorly and clumsily”

No wonder, criticized the Subject, therefore, not only political opponents, but also internal party hard. So, it dares, for example, Pascal Messerli (29), President of the SVP-group of the Basle Great Council, criticising the party leadership publicly. He find the poster “bad and clumsy”, he wrote in a Tweet. “I’m going to have in the Great Council, always a hard and sharp debate, however, that from my point of view too far. Our political opponents, we should not man fight it!”

Also a member of the Parliament Mr Joël Thüring (35) the Motif-choice problematic. “I think the poster is clumsy and would not have brought it”, tweeted he.

The Schaffhausen SVP-member of the Parliament Pentti Aellig (57) appealed to party President Albert Rösti (52). In Schaffhausen, the SVP is so strong, because it is on posters like these waivers. “Think of all the bipartisan commissions and the list of connections and stop this Plot,” he writes. And also the former President of the SVP in the Canton of Zurich, Konrad lang HART (56), implies that he finds the poster in the bottom drawer.

Even in the Federal house group man shakes his head over the choice of Motif for the party leadership. As the “Left and Nice people” referred to the SVP on your poster political opponents. But what they represented pictorially, to be Left or Nice, but creeping things, criticized the Zurich SVP national councillor Claudio Zanetti (52). “What do you expect from this unspeakable image language? Who’s going to take a seriously yet?”

a Little more cautious of the Lucerne SVP national councillor Franz Grüter (56) formulated the criticism. “The message is clear. But it would be a better visual language to transport them,” he said on the demand of the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

SVP don’t want to change

The SVP-tip gives meanwhile, clueless. It was not for him to have been aware, that a similar figure is used by the Nazis released, said group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) last night on “Tele Züri”. It is therefore, once again, does not want to reconsider you but. Party President Rösti said, compared with CH Media is that you hold the Subject firmly.

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

VIEW offers round-the-clock, the latest information about the election campaign, the political issues agenda of the parties and candidates, the distribution of seats in the Parliament, and the election results.

Soon, the hot Phase of the election battle going on really. A VIEW declared in the form of test, where the parties are in the Moment and to try what you points.